Which sectors are eligible as MAUD®Marketplace Partner?

Basically, all companies, whether large or small, can offer their products or services to car/motorbike owners or request data for market research. In particular these are manufacturers, car dealerships, insurance companies, garages, breakdown services, tire services, car glass services, parking garages, tuners, refiners, homologation, import, appraisers as well as market researchers, institutes and associations.



Why is participation free for companies?

We would like to achieve that also smaller workshops and garages, which do not possess a high advertising budget, have the possibility to win new customers. In addition, an open market with fair competition shall be created by a large number of participating companies where consumers can profit from attractive prices.



Where and how can I register my company as a marketplace partner?

By clicking on "Marketplace Partner" in the footer of the MyAutoData website. This link will take you to a portal (website) created exclusively for companies who can learn about their advantages and, if interested, register on MAUD via a registration form. In order to minimize misuse, your company information will be checked by us before we inform you by email whether or not you have been accepted on the MAUD Marketplace.



When can I query data and respond to requests for quotation?

Immediately after you have received notification from us that your company has been accepted on the MAUD marketplace.



What kind of queries are there?

There are basically three different possibilities. Two of them are purely statistical. The third allows access to consumers' personal data if they have previously unlocked it.

Query type #1:

Generic queries (e.g. How many BMW X2's built in 2017 were sold in Ingolstadt within the last 3 months)

Query type #2:

Vehicle-specific queries (e.g. Which car brands/models are driven by single women in Berlin?)

Query type #3: (may also be used for advertising if the owner has expressly agreed to this)

Personal inquiries (e.g. all contact and vehicle data of female owners, age over 50, resident in Berlin and owner of an Audi A1)



Can I send advertising to vehicle owners?

Using query type #3 you can define any target group and send the holders your ad, consisting of text, image and a YouTube video. Vehicle owners who do not wish to receive advertising have marked this in their account settings accordingly and will not receive their advertising



How long do I have access to the query results?

Your query results are available online for 7 days, after which they are automatically deleted by the system.



Can I save query criteria and reuse them if necessary?

You can manage your query criteria (target groups) in the system yourself and reuse them at the push of a button if required.



How does the payment for data access work?

Behind every single data field there is a certain amount. At the time of your query, the affected data fields are added up and the amount or cost of your query is displayed before it is executed. You can then either cancel the execution or execute it against immediate payment. After payment has been made, the result is displayed to you immediately in a clear and concise form.



Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept credit cards and SEPA as payment methods. Payments are processed through our payment service provider Stripe.



What happens if a vehicle owner has not accepted an offer on the MAUD Marketplace?

Vehicle owners are generally not obliged to accept offers. If a vehicle owner does not accept any of the offers, the money that has already been paid will be refunded to the companies after internal examination. The vehicle owner will only receive money for his request for an offer if he has also accepted one of the offers. This is guaranteed by internal system cross-checks.